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TOPIC: INSECURITY POVERTY AND INSURGENCY IN NIGERIA: THE BOKO HARAM CHALLENGE. ABSTRACT: This paper aims to study the insecurity in Nigeria which is widely caused by Islamic sects known as Boko Haram in Nigeria and its effects on security. This paper will also find if there is a connection between poverty and Insurgency that has led to a great unrest in Nigeria, the aim of writing is to evaluate if poverty can lead to insecurity and Insurgency. Introduction Nigeria a country in the western part of Africa, a country that is blessed both in human and material resources has of recent been plagued with…show more content…
2. Long history of ethno-religious and politically motivated violence is another cause of poverty as observed by Aigbokan, (2000). 3. Lack of stringent and regulatory and monitoring system. 4. Income inequality and preferential treatment in the allocation and distribution of resources that subsists in the state by a few conspiratorial cabals also tends to perpetuate poverty.1 Base on some of the responds I received from the experts in Nigeria who sees the case as treat to the Nigeria economy, they attributed the insecurity and poverty to, 1. Corruption: corruption is one major issue Nigeria has been trying to bring to an end; they leaders are strictly working at their own interest not having the entire masses at heart which leads to poor masses involving themselves in several activities for survival. 2. Lack of Political will from leaders: the political leaders make promises to the masses which in return brings high hopes to the masses and at the end refuses to fulfill all what they promise which later lead to frustration and causing the people to join groups that have made promises to fulfill if they carry out those activities. 3. Misguided ideologies: 4. Bad governance and mismanagement of resources: The Nigeria political leaders has not been able to achieve any
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