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INTEGRATIVE CASE 7.0 THE PLAZA INN by Gary W. Mullings Wilmington University Author Note Gary W. Mullings, MBA with a Concentration in Management Information Systems, Wilmington University. Correspondence vis-à-vis this article should be addressed to Gary W. Mullings, 1025 N. Madison Street, Wilmington, DE 19801. E-mail: INTEGRATIVE CASE 7.0 THE PLAZA INN Abstract 3 Introduction 4 THE EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT 5 COORDINATION AND CONTROL 7 DECLINE STAGE 8 RECOMMENDATIONS 9 Conclusion 14 References 15 Abstract The subject for observation in this case study is The Plaza Inn (the company), a hospitality entity located in Kansas City, KS a franchise member of a French hotel affiliate group…show more content…
Based on these factors, the following observations were made about the company. Industry – This factor encompasses an organization’s chosen field of operation, which in this case is the hospitality industry (lodging, restaurant, catering etc.). A former general manager of the company recently opened a restaurant in close proximity. Also, within close proximity to the company is a Marriott, a Holiday Inn, a Hilton and an upscale Ritz-Carlton hotel (which was recently opened a few blocks down the street). The previous competitors plus the addition of the two competitors cannot be taken for granted, as they are a part of the environment the company has to compete with for customers and they can have a direct impact on the company’s survival. Market – This factor encompasses the customers; potential users of product and or services. Customers were becoming more and more dissatisfied with service at the company as complaints were continually being made about the front office. The guest comment cards can fully attest to this as they were dominantly filled with negative comments by customers. Human Resources – This factor encompasses the set of individuals who make up the workforce of an organization. Individuals such as the staff at the front desk are a part of the company’s workforce. Customer reviews about service
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