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Date: February 08, 2008

Department of Marketing Studies &International Marketing
University of Chittagong.

Department of Marketing Studies &International Marketing
University of Chittagong.

Sub : Submission of Internship Report.

Dear Sir,

Here is my report on “Foreign Exchange policy of EXIM BANK Limited : A Critical Evaluation ” submitted to your honor. A methodological research was conducted to prepare the report for fulfillment of the requirement of Internship Program, an integral part to the academic curriculum for MBA. This report has been prepared on the basis of the findings out of the research work with practical knowledge, which includes collection of
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Service from banking is seemed to vary from service provider organization to another service provider organization. This sensitive part gets more sensitivity when individual as well as country’s potentiality like “Foreign exchange policy “ of a bank involves in there. And, it becomes more complex if that bank owned by a private sector and its also Shariah based banking institution. This is why, I feel myself fortunate enough to win a chance for undergoing an internship program EXIM Bank limited special reference with CDA avenue branch.

Foreign Exchange policy of our country approved by Bangladesh Bank. This specific policy must be follow by the all other bank. We know Export and import is the most important issue for every country. Every country’s national bank determined its policy, which are highly related to the country’s welfare. In our country our national bank Bangladesh Bank determined this policy.

This profile reflects the unique position of the” Foreign Exchange Policy of EXIM Bank Bangladesh limited” is enjoying. So, i think a deep-rooted study may explore the mystery of its success side by side indicating the reason behind failure one to another service provider organizations.

This study will comprise the exploratory findings of EXIM Bank Bangladesh limited its General Banking, Loan investment, Specially Foreign exchange policy,
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