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Recruitment documentations: Job description of a Nurse: - Employers aren’t legally obliged to create a job description, yet producing one enables them to focus on their thinking and decide how the role must contribute to the business and who is likely to fulfill that role.This document provides an understanding of the position’s major responsibilities, details how the responsibilities are accomplished, and identifies the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to perform the job. A well written job description not only describes the position’s responsibilities, it supports effective human resources management in a variety of ways. It sets the foundation for recruiting, developing and retaining…show more content…
The person responsible for developing effective recruiting strategies will usually be a talent acquisition manager, director of personnel, or a recruiting/sourcing manager. Typical recruiter duties include interviewing candidates and screening job applicants. Recruiters also must keep detailed records of all applicants, contacts and positions. Developing a recruiting plan for a large company involves working closely with the human resources department, executives and managers in order to get the best talent for the company. Corporate human resources recruiters must create an overall recruiting plan that outlines the type of candidates needed and how they will be reached. They also draft and post job descriptions, as well as continually sourcing candidates for currently open positions and future positions. Recruiters must also check in with new hires and managers to see the results of their recruiting plans and tweak them for the future. Some typical job interview questions include: Why do you want to work for this company? Why do you want this job? – The interviewer is trying to determine what the person knows and likes about the company, whether they will be willing to make a commitment to the job, and if their skills match the job requirements. Have you done this kind of work before? - The interviewer wants to know if the individual can learn to do the job in a reasonable time
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