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Into Thin Air Questions
Pages 7-27
1. Why didn’t Krakauer climb down the fixed rope?
People were already climbing up the rope, he couldn’t descend.
2.Why did Krakauer run out of oxygen so fast?
Harris had accidentally fully opened his oxygen tank valve, which drained his oxygen tank.
3. What discovered the highest mountain in the world?
A Bengali computer named Radhanath Sikhdar.
4. Who was the first person to reach the top of Everest?
Hillary and Tenzing were the first climbers ever to reach the top of Everest.
5. Who made Krakauer’s trip to the Everest possible?
Outside magazine paid the fee for him and made his trip possible.
Pages 31-51
6. Who greeted Jon at the airport?
Andy Harris, one of Hall’s guides.
7.Who was Hall’s partner for
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28. Who was Sandy Hill Pittman?
She was a rich client who filed daily dispatches for NBC Interactive Media en route. She always oddly carried a lot of technology with her on her climbs.
29. What caused troubles for the crew on the way to camp 3?
It had become too cold, people had begun getting frostbites and Doug had gotten a part of his throat frozen.
30. What happened to the safety rope that was suppose to be made?
Woodhall’s Sherpas never showed up, they just refused to cooperate so Hall started fighting with
Woodhall for breaking the deal.
Pages 131-151
31. Who was Lopsang?

He was a Sherpa that was extremely good in climbing, he was a part of Fischer’s crew. He could reach the summit with no supplemental oxygen, Ngawang was Lopsang’s uncle.
32. How did people feel about a reporter climbing with them?
They were all very nervous because the whole world could know of the stupid mistakes that they could make.
33.What is HACE?
This is High Altitude Cerebral Edema, it “occurs when fluid leaks from oxygen-starved cerebral blood vessels, causing severe swelling of the brain...” Krus in Fischer’s crew had come up with this illness.
34. What did the cough bring upon Jon?
Jon’s cough had gotten so bad that he had torn some thoracic cartilage.
35. What problem did the group face when they were trying to decide on the date to climb the mountain? Hall didn’t want to be at the summit with Woodall so they had to choose on a date on which they wouldn’t meet each
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