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CHARACTRISTICS OF SUCCESSFUL ONLINE LEARNERS Characteristics of Successful Online Learners Liberty University Online INFT 101 There are many characteristics for online learners. My characteristics are scared, overwhelmed, and excited all in the same breath. However there are three main characteristics found in every person, entry characteristics, participation behaviors, and course outcomes. Such characteristics can be broken down into age, race, gender, and employment status. Although these are the main characteristics found in this article, I think there are much more to the characteristics to online learners then meet the eye. (British Journal of Education Vol 44…show more content…
Reading this article made me want to work harder on my degree. It made me want to study harder, to learn as much as I could so I can show that online learning is not just for smart, male, employed people like it once was. That it is for all people who want to learn and achieve their goals. Anyone that wants to pursue an online education can do it; they just have to want it. The conclusions in the article were accurate for the time it was written, it was objective to all online learners and was well written and articulated. The Scriptures teach us that anyone can learn and be taught. Probverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Characteristics of online learners are similar to everyone in some aspect of life. I have learned that everyone makes their own path, their own goals, and achievements. Reading this article on the topic of characteristics of online learners showed me how I can be a better online student, ask for more out of my time as an online learner, and want more as an online learner. I want to strive to learn more, give more, and ask more questions in my online learning and in my everyday life. I will make my online learning

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