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Introduction Chapter 1 ( Introduction to Sociology & Anthropology by Dr. Victorio Saquilayan) Discussant: Prof. Ferdinand Dupaya Salagan, BSEd, MA,MPA,PhD(c.) Associate Professor V Sociology • Is also concerned with repetitive and recurrent forms of behavior, attitudes, beliefs, values, norms and social institutions that make up the social order ( Panopio & Rolda, 2000) Social Interactions: • The responses between individuals are perhaps the basic sociological concepts because such interactions are the elementary components of all relationships. • These interactions can be examined from both MICRO and MACRO perspectives, though neither can be divorced from the other. MICROSOCIOLOGISTS • Are those who concentrate on the details of…show more content…
-( Howard & Hattis, 1992) Branches of Anthropology • 1. PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY - Also known as Biological Anthropology. - Deals with man’s biological foundations, race evolution, racial classifications, & differentiation. - Study of man’s physical characteristics, the processes by which the biological changes occur, & the resultant human variations. ( Palispis, 2007) Branches of Anthropology • • • • 1. PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY Subdisciplines of Physical Anthropology: a. racial history – study of human races B. paleontology – deals with the origin of man; • C. Human Genetics – study of various ways of inheritance that take place in man. Branches of Anthropology • 2. CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY - Also known as Social Anthropology. - Deals with one of the most significant & revolutionary concepts in the Social Sciences – the concept of CULTURE. Branches of Anthropology • 2. CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY - Cultural Anthropologists, study technology or material culture, economic life, community organizations, family life, clans, secret societies, government & law, magic, religion, the arts and all other forms of cultural behavior. Branches of Anthropology • 2. CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY - Culture can be defined as: - way of life of a people which had been learned; - shared and - transmitted from one generation to another - by means of language & symbols. Branches of Anthropology • 2. CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY - Subdivisions of Cultural Anthropology: - A. Ethnography – pure
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