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Nursing has become one of the most important professions in healthcare however; there are many aspects as to what is needed for nurses to become more efficient in their skills. The IOM report has much information as to the impact of nursing in regards to nursing practice, education, and leadership. In each of these, the IOM report explains the importance of these subjects as well as the impact it has on future nursing. In this paper, the explanations of the importance of each of these skills are explained as well as what suggestions should be implemented to improve nursing practices.
IOM Report Impact on Nursing Practice The goal of nursing practice is providing patients care that is catered to their specific needs rather than what
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Another barrier that is present is the high turnover rate of nurses in the profession. Many nurses under the age of 50 leave the healthcare profession for reasons of personal, family, or becoming burnt out so quickly in the profession. It is my suggestion that the scope of practice for APRN’s be broadened in a way that they could perform at the full extent of their training and education despite the variations of their states law. This way, the physician’s responsibility would be lessening and more quality efficient care is given to the patients. The patient is the most important in healthcare and care should be provided at optimum level for them. In order to retain nurses, it is my suggestion that employers make it easier for nurses to obtain advanced degrees while continuing to work and to decrease nurse patient ration in healthcare facilities to 4:1. I think that making education more accessible to nurses would increase their morale and competency in giving care to patients while increasing their knowledge of the changing healthcare profession. I also believe that in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, the patient/nurse ratio should be 4:1 to better allow the nurses to give better care to patients while spending needed time with them for thorough assessments, etc. IOM Report on Nursing Education The key concept of nursing education in the IOM Report is that nurses should achieve a higher
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