IOOS: Integrated Ocean Observing System Essay

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IOOS: Integrated Ocean Observing System Oceans cover over 70% of our planet, yet very little is known about their biological content, physical systems, and how, both together and individually, they affect our planet. Understanding the affect the ocean has on weather, climate changes, and the ecosystems of the planet are of ever-increasing interest to the human population. Studies, experiments, and more are currently being conducted by various means, sources, and organizations. Due to the this vast amount of monitoring, a need has arisen to collect and combine this data into one common database that more than a few individuals and organizations have access to. In order to meet this need the Integrated Ocean Observing System,…show more content…
Another aspect of understanding the ocean’s function is tracking and following the patterns of El Nino and La Nina. By carefully tracking these climate changes over the years, it may eventually be possible to predict severe El Nino storms before they occur. One expert states that “the ocean’s response and indeed its active role in” the climate changes of current times remains “unclear owing in significant part to the lack of long records to quantify in the ocean’s stratification and circulation.”4 With this knowledge it may be possible to track how various human influences effect the environment and the general ecosystem of the planet. In order to study these phenomena a buoy was placed off the coat of Massachusetts, recording temperature data for over 3 years. A graphical summary of this data can be seen in Figure 1. The data obtained in the experiment is now available in graphical form, years after the experiment has been completed. Yet experiments similar to this one are still ongoing and data is being collected, analyzed, and stored. Collecting this data is complicated and time-consuming, each individual instrument or station may take hundreds of measurements per day (or very few). Once this data is taken, the experiment completed, questions arise about the data: what should be done with it, who may need it,

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