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What contracting issues must be set up given this problem and in this practice model? Why is the contract necessary? The contracting issue must be set up between the close relatives of the patient and the social worker or the facility that the social worker is associated with. Contracts are essential so the objectives and strategies of the plan are clear and measurable. Contracts also ensure results at any time otherwise; there are sets of consequences that will be imposed. The terms of the contract should include the time of the treatment plan that will take a considerable amount of time given the circumstances surrounding the patient’s bipolar disorder. It should also should consider the fact that other support members and participants of the treatment plan may be devastated or underdoing grief in the same way the patient is. Methods of intervention in the middle phase of treatment. How is culturally competent treatment used in this phase? The middle phase of the IPSRT treatment entails the stabilization and intervention of the…show more content…
In this phase, it is importat to emphasize the treatment in going through the steps including the assessment of sleep patterns. The social worker should have an extensive comprehension of sleep patterns so that psychoeducation and hygiene education can give the patient. Key factors in sleep hygiene education are the understanding of the model of sleep propensity, which identifies the two processes of how both external and internal clocks can help control sleep (Zaretsky, 2003). People have different set of clocks, so some wake up late in the morning and extend their evening hours, and vise-versa. Some exhibit extreme sleep practices, but regardless of the difference, knowing one’s type is essential in organizing one’s schedule to enhance productivity and energy (Zaretsky,
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