IPhone versus Blackberry

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Now a day everyone have a phone that he can communicate with anyone around the world, whatever if its '' I phone or Black berry'' ,there's a huge difference between the shape and interior of the '' I phone and Black berry'' all that because everyone are from a different company that it created to the client also for the uses itself for their own needs. So, in my research I will Mention four different ideas, the phone shape, interior, companies, users. All black berry phones are usually same shape that the company are made it, which is thin and stylish rectangular of black plastic, and the front is almost all black, and it has a thin plastic in it with nice Square shape which contains a square screen almost about 720× 720 _ 128 ×128 pixels at the top either at the bottom there are buttons to enter the commands, the weight are nice and light at 135_120g, at the back there is a camera shutter . The operating system developed for BlackBerry devices was ( BlackBerry OS ) which is a proprietary multitasking developed by RIM. The operating system is designed for use of input devices such as the track wheel that makes you go up and down over the desktop in the screen ,track ball, and track pad of the phone. this system allows you to complete easily wireless activation and synchronization with exchange emails, time calendar, tasks should done, important notes and people contacts. The good advanced encryption capabilities of the BlackBerry Smartphone make it

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