IQ Tests are Not an Accurate Measure of a Person's Intelligence

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IQ tests are not an accurate measure of a person's intelligence. I will be analyzing the reasons why I think that IQ tests are not an accurate measure of the intelligence. These reasons will be accompanied with solid proven facts that will discount the accuracy that is falsely considered to be a part of IQ tests. Today IQ tests are a part of many instances where intelligence is being judged.
Not an accurate measure The test that has today evolved as the IQ test was initially designed by Sir Francis Galton. He had designed it to differentiate between the “abnormal” and “normal” intellectual growth in children at that time. The capacities that he tested or that are generally tested today have not been
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Another issue, with these tests are that many a time people view their criteria as very limited. For, e.g. Gardner has claimed that there are multi-dimensions to a person’s intelligence, while these tests only test a few of them. Thus, the tests are in no position to claim that they really represent the actual intelligence of a person. The tests assess only a narrow range of abilities therefore if a person is adept at a characteristic that is not being tested in the test then that person is deemed to be considered a person with low IQ. Such a practice is not fair and cannot be generalized. (Gardner, 1983) (Plucker, 1998). A big argument is that the word “Intelligence” has not been defined in its full context yet. Therefore, when a thing has not been understood properly then how can we design measures to gauge them. Walter Lippmann a journalist from the 1920s said: “We cannot measure intelligence when we have not defined it.” And I totally agree to it because to this day we have not decided upon the characteristic of intelligence. It contains very many things and to narrow it down to a few would be like being biased. Many characteristic has been defined, but many to this day remain unknown or unexplainable. Jean Piaget has said that intelligence us never stagnant it grows and develops as
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