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1. Which core part of an operating system provides essential services?

a. Service
b. Driver
c. Kernel $
d. Module

2. Which among the following is the process of proving that provided identity credentials are valid and correct?

a. Identification
b. Authentication $
c. Authorization
d. Nonrepudiation

3. The ability to run a backup is an example of which Windows feature?

a. Permission
b. ACL
c. Capability
d. Right $

4. Which among the following is the best reason to define security groups while configuring access rights for users in a network?

a. You can only define ACLs by group.
b. Groups define collections of local users.
c. Groups streamline defining ACLs. $
d. Active Directory pre-defines common
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Which vulnerability scanner extends MBSA and allows you to view scan results using MBSA?

a. NetChk Protect $
b. Security Configuration and Analysis
c. Online Software Inspector
d. Security Configuration Wizard

26. Which workstation backup option provides separation, performance, and convenience?

a. Backup to local disk drive
b. Backup to tape drive
c. Backup to network drive $
d. Backup to Internet storage

27. Which Microsoft Windows backup utility is the best choice for running backups without using a GUI, such as when using scheduled scripts to back up Windows 7 computers?

a. Windows Server Backup
c. Windows Backup and Restore GUI
d. Carbonite

28. Which Windows backup and restore options creates a workstation backup on demand?

a. Immediate backup
b. One-time backup
c. Backup now $
d. Schedule backup

29. If you accidently deleted 47 files from your documents folder, which type of restore operation would be best—assuming you have been making many changes to several documents?

a. Restore only the files you deleted. $
b. Restore the documents folder.
c. Complete restore to ensure you get all files.
d. No restore needed—Windows will automatically undelete files.

30. Which Microsoft product supports virtualization at the server level, including using virtual images to create and manage backups?

a. VirtualBox
b. Hyper-V $
c. Enterprise Server
d. VMware

31. Which among the following network devices forwards inputs it receives only to
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