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Application of Project Management in IS Deployment IS deployment and project management based upon case studies: “Imperative” IS Development Cedars-Sinai Doctors Cling to Pen and Paper Abstract It has been proven through industry research that successful IS project implementation and deployment consists of measurable project performance factors that have wide-spread impact on an organizations business goals and IS investment objectives. Taking a holistic approach to the application of effective and proven project management principles can ensure success to entirety and not just from a fragmented perspective. IMPERATIVE IS DEVELOPMENT – CASE STUDY FINDINGS The theories and models for success of…show more content…
Mir, A.H. Pinnington, 2014) 3. Project Management Policy and Strategy: a. “how the development of PM, across an organization, is introduced in a planned an systematic fashion ensuring the linkage between strategic, organization level and the tactical, project level” (F.A. Mir, A.H. Pinnington, 2014) 4. Project Partnerships and Resources: a. “the role and importance of win-win partnerships between all stakeholders” (F.A. Mir, A.H. Pinnington, 2014) b. “effectiveness of such partnerships on project management strategy” (F.A. Mir, A.H. Pinnington, 2014) 5. Project Lifecycle Management Processes a. “incorporates processes which are required to manage the whole project life cycle” (F.A. Mir, A.H. Pinnington, 2014) Lastly, utilization of project management Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) consists on focusing on “KPIs to indicate results achieved in relation to meeting the requirements of project stakeholders” and “the methods used within the PM system to improve performance against the KPIs” (F.A. Mir, A.H. Pinnington, 2014). When analyzing the IS project case study in relation to above outlined PMPA model and application, the focus of organizational culture as a singular influential success factor reveals evident limitations that essentially ignores other key contributing factors that led up to the almost failure of the project, and if considered and implemented, would have prevented

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