ISIS And Daesh: A Brief Summary And Analysis

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The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, popularly known as ISIS and Daesh, is the 21st centuries rising global threat to humanity. The world has united to reduce and ultimately prevent genocide. In the paper ISIS will be referenced as Daesh. The initial part of the essay will cover Daesh origins, ideology, goals, and objectives. It is essential to know the similarities of the present Daesh brutalities and historic barbarisms of Wahhabism. The rest of the essay will focus on leadership, funding, and capabilities, such as physical bases support locations. The conclusion will attempt to raise concern of the internal threat within the United States. This essay will be limited to sources not having access to restricted or classified information. The closing goal of this essay is to embolden the serious threat to the United States and other countries seeking pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.
Daesh steps on the chessboard of Iraq and begins slaughtering thousands of unarmed people and gaining territory daily. News of the bold invasion into Iraq surprised the world, including the intelligence agencies while …show more content…

In an article by Saleh (2014), the Daesh hate other denominations of Muslims, like the Shia to include the Christian religion. There destruction of of Shia Shrines and Christian churches again points back to Wahhabism and rooted in Salafist. The Daesh want to strip away relationship with any nation in order to create their own. In an article by Sprusansky (2014), the Daesh created their own Islamic state, naming Baghdadi as the caliph. World domination is the goal after a solid foothold in the Middle East and North Africa. The resurrection of the Daesh 7th century ideology is the motivation to kill, destroy, and gain territory (para. 6). The Daesh objective is to take control now and obtaining that goal will result in brutality beyond the comprehension of many to eliminate anyone in their

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