ISIS Fights

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One of the biggest fears of many people throughout the free world is the thought of people joining the ranks of evil organizations such as ISIS. However, the leaders of ISIS have utilized their powerful message to entice people from all around the globe, both rich and poor, educated and ignorant, members of all races and genders to take up arms to fight a global campaign against all of humanity. ISIS wants all of the Muslim foreign fighters of the world to come join their ranks and fight the evil nonbelievers. Many people emigrated to Syria and Iraq from European countries, America and Africa to join ISIS and fight alongside their caliphate brothers. The threat is real as is the legacy that ISIS offers to its global freedom fighters. The…show more content…
ISIS has cornered the market on creating an endless stream of videos and pictures of violence to convey their perverted messages. ISIS romances people with their social media campaign so that today legions of people from all around the world, most disturbingly America, join the group. Several hundred of ISIS fighters are Americans. Many external motivators such as the reward for monetary gain and a belief of joining a relevant world cause drive some of the recruits. Finally, it is unknown what internal motivators exist for ISIS fighters, homegrown or foreign. However, the genocidal campaign that ISIS creates is a strong characteristic of the group’s identity (Stakelbeck, 2015). ISIS understands that many people of today rely heavily on social media such as Facebook and twitter to receive information and view the…show more content…
The disputed borders of the Middle East from after the First World War coupled with decades of pressure and persecution became another variable in the puzzle of violence. The American invasion of Iraq removed Saddam Hussein, yet consequently caused a ripple effect that led to a battleground of sectarian violence. The ISIS leader and Caliph Al Baghdadi broke away from Al-Qaeda to create what many believe to be an Islamic empire and him as the leader. ISIS brutality is now infamous with its executions and kangaroo type courts. However, amidst all of the violence and savagery ISIS still gains popularity on social media and people all around the world have flocked to join ISIS. While ISIS believes in their interpretation of fundamental Islam and their deviant enforcement of Sharia Law, ISIS is an evil terror organization that has brutally invaded territories in the Middle East, enslaved and killed women and children alike, and motivated a legion of faithful idealistic terrorists at home in the United States and around the
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