ISIS Intervention Plan

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Upon researching the broad issue of terrorism, I have decided to concentrate on making a specific plan to try to defeat ISIS. The various terrorist groups have different purposes and intentions (for example, al-Qaeda intends to drive the Western influence out of Muslim countries while ISIS aims to develop a caliphate over the world) and require different plans customized for their goals. While the following first two plans can be directed to any terrorist group, the third one applies specifically to ISIS (but can also be adjusted to cut off supplies from other terrorist groups).

Plan 1:
Many former ISIS members return back to their homes and try to return to their normal lives. It is estimated that close to a thousand individuals in Europe
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ISIS has promotional videos, a sense of belonging and security, and it appealing to individuals, especially those who have less social and community links. The United States of America used to be referred to as the “Melting Pot”. Since it was developed by European travelers, it focused on monitoring immigration and encouraging assimilation. Being American does not have a certain look, religion, or even language, but it assimilates cultures and immigrants to become an “American.” However, individuals have an innate sense of belonging that must be met. And when American individuals feel unwelcome, ostracized and even persecuted, they will look for belonging elsewhere. Being an immigrant in America is now a challenge. Instead of controlling the amount of immigrants, the United States has become unwelcome to many people, even turning Syrian Christian families away after they enter US airports. Illegal Mexicans may have been paying taxes and working hard, but they now face deportation more than ever. Exclusion creates isolation, isolation creates a need to look elsewhere for belonging, looking elsewhere can lead to hard feelings toward America and even anti-American beliefs. Those individuals who do not have community ties are more likely to accept invitations from ISIS and adopt their views. This takes an effort from the whole nation to accept people based on their character and not their ethnicity, and it can start…show more content…
ISIS has accumulated weapons in many ways: un-guarded stockpiles in Africa and the Middle East, government held territory in Iraq, weapons from Russia, China, and even leftovers from the United States. However, the United Nations has identified Libya as a key point for illicit arms. By attempting to cut off the way that ISIS retrieves weapons, we can help decrease the availability of accessible weapons for attack. However, since it is difficult to track both illegal purchases and robberies, we can help cut off the “budget” and money that ISIS is receiving. ISIS receives money through various ways, including: kidnap ransoms, smuggling, taxes, bank robberies, extortion, looting, etc. However, ABC news, CNN, and Newsweek all estimate that about $1-$3 million dollars of oil is sold from ISIS controlled territories every day. This revenue comes from 10 different fields, both located in Syria and Iraq. If the United States and Allies can cut the oil profit from the budget of ISIS, it would eliminate most of their budget. I have not found a chemical that would dilute oil or change its chemical properties enough to become ineffective, so other methods would need to take place. For example, a lot of the oil is moved on tankers in informal smuggling routes. However, the two main routes go into southern Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan (which they don’t stop because they
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