ISIS Should Be Banned In Schools

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Throughout the world, there have been many terrorist attacks that have been all in the name of Islam. All of the attacks have shocked the world, but the most shocking ones are the ones that are carried out by the youth. Mark Knight released a cartoon (Herald Sun, 6/10/15) illustrating that the influence ISIS has over people is similar to someone being brainwashed. The second article is a letter to the editor (Herald Sun, 9/11/15) called “Teen Terror a school issue”, which demonstrates how the youth is being targeted for recruitment inside schools, raising awareness for the schools and youth to not be ISIS recruitment centres. The third article is an opinion piece written by Tareq N. Hasan (20/11/15) that demonstrates how Muslim Communities should do more to prove ISIS is not Islam. These opinion pieces share the same contention and link with each other one way or another.

Through a cartoon, Knight illustrates ISIS as a pied piper that controls vulnerable youth to fight
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The editor uses alliteration in the title of the article “Teen terror a School issue”, which gains the readers attention and adds emphasis to the contention. The editor then begins to talk about the execution of Curtis Cheng as well as many other similar stories. This use of anecdotes evokes readers to feel sympathy for the victims and to express concern towards the education system, this use of persuasive features reinforces the editor’s contention. The editor also uses appeal to fear in insecurity throughout the piece. For example, the editor comments, “The danger of this spilling over into Australian Schools”, is “real”. This persuasive feature plays on people’s fears, influencing them to agree with the editor’s contention and reinforcing their attention. Another opinion piece links with both pieces but uses a different
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