ISIS Tactics

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The combination of regular military forces, unconventional forces such as terrorist or insurgent groups, and criminal elements working together towards a common goal is what makes up a hybrid threat. In today’s current political and economic arenas very few of the United States’ enemies could mount an effective conventional military campaign against us. This has caused many of our enemies to turn towards using hybrid threats and tactics in order to further their attacks. The United States must in turn use hybrid tactics in order to defeat its enemies.

One of the greatest hybrid threats to global stability today is the rise of the Islamic State. ISIS has been using hybrid techniques for a number of years. Current insurgent activity taking place in Iraq and Syria has been well documented. ISIS has shown time and again that they are a well-organized military-like group with its structured rank and coordinated offensive tactics. In addition to insurgent actions, ISIS has taken to terrorism in many countries around the world in order to promote its objectives. Recently it has been discovered that ISIS has also teamed with criminal organizations in both Europe, Asia, and North America. Additionally, ISIS has waged an information war against its enemies by spreading its propaganda through news outlets
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Developing and utilizing these means will allow the US to prevent threats from exploiting weaknesses in our own systems along with giving us the ability to investigate and exploit our enemy's communications and financial activities. We also need to wage our own information war against these groups. One of ISIS main recruiting techniques is to convince people that theirs is the only true form of Islam and that the west is at war with Islam. The US and its allies must use information networks such as the media and social networks in order to combat these recruiting
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