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YOUR POINTS: 1. Since reading habit is decreasing, the readership base of newspapers is going down daily. As such print media, particularly newspapers are facing a crisis. 2. There is increasing competition from other means of news production and dissemination such as television, internet, mobile technology, IPADs, blogs etc. 3. People are getting news and views free from these media which provide greater immediacy as well as interaction. 4. The format of news presentation is undergoing a sea change and newspapers are virtually being squeezed out of the news space. 5. The cost of printing and distributing newspapers is going up. As such it is difficult for them to generate revenue. There is cut throat competition from other media as…show more content…
It is common knowledge that pure advertisement driven media usually dives straight for the lowest common demographic. It eventually becomes the hand maiden of the advertisers, bowing to their whims and fancies. It caters to what readers want or to be more specific what the advertisers think the readers want, rather than what they need. The disconnect between ‘want’ and ‘need’ grows. Socially relevant but market unfriendly reportage becomes a casualty, robbing print media its intrinsic strength. Easy availability of more user-friendly, cost-effective, novel and networked platforms like e-book, reading material on mobile, etc. pose another problem for print media. On top of these problems, with the introduction of internet in a big way, there is a change in the very form, format and functioning of mass media. Mediated mainstream mass media is receding. There is demassification, demediation and democratization. To list the changes: • Media production is being democratized • Media production is being atomized • Media formats are converging • Media is becoming social • Media can be distributed from anywhere • Media can be consumed everywhere • Media is becoming hyper local • Media is narrowcasting • Media has utility: search and linking • Media reproduction has zero marginal cost The shift is towards social media. There is a distinct paradigm shift there.
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