IT 205 Week 3 Individual Assignment

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Latoya Starks Week 2: Enterprise Applications Paper IT/205 Enterprise Applications Paper Question 1: Describe two effects of database tools and technologies on business performance and decision making. Database tools and technologies affected the business processes and decision making by a great extent. The most important benefit of the database is to change unstructured information into structured information, and allow users to analysis the data stored into different tables with the help of queries. Before database, all the information used to stored into paper and other unstructured computer programs, due to which getting required information process was very slow. Due to database, all the…show more content…
The knowledge work systems are specialized systems for the knowledge workers and help them to ensure that the new knowledge is integrated with the business properly. These systems consist powerful graphical tools, analytical tools, communication tools, and document management tools. These tools are having high computing power to handle the complex calculation and analysis. Computer-aided design (CAD), virtual reality systems, and investment workstations are major types of knowledge work systems. CAD systems are used for the graphic design, it generates three dimensional graphic designs, and the knowledge worker can check the design from different angles. The analysis of design via this way is much faster and more accurate than the traditional ways. It is accelerating designing phase by which it not only save time but also save cost and production phase can start sooner than expectations. Virtual reality systems are used for simulating different real life situations on the computer which looks approximately same as the real world. In these tools, user need to wear some special cloths which has sensors attached, these sensors observe and record all the activities and responses of the user. These tools are very useful in training of many technologies like in pilot training of Boeing dreamliner, or some new technology etc. The investment workstations are useful into financial world. The
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