IT 242 - Final Project WAN Design Essay

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Final Project: WAN Design IT/242 10 March 2013 Dr. Jimmie Flores The needs of Acme Manufacturing The growing company of Acme Manufacturing has numerous operational facilities in many different locations. The offices are throughout the United States with Atlanta, Georgia as the company’s headquarters and their plant in China. The headquarters supplies corporate operations, marketing, administrative staff, and accounting. Engineering is across the street from the headquarters’ building. Engineering contains the sales and engineering departments. Acme Manufacturing’s distribution offices are located in Chicago, Phoenix, New York. A small sales team and administrative staff are within each distribution office. Acme…show more content…
Adding lines to a VoIP system requires fewer configurations than the PBX. IP address scheme The class B addressing is used because Acme Manufacturing is a medium-sized network. The class B addressing supports over 65,000 hosts of each of the 16,000 networks. The network will use 16 subnets, which creates 4,092 hosts for each subnet. The “Online IP Subnet Calculator” (n.d.) website show the IP addresses will range from to with a subnet ID of and the broadcast address of and a subnet mask of VLAN A VLAN or virtual local area network connects departments, which are not connected physically. VLANs will be implemented while using the Trunking VLAN Protocol. To ensure that all departments are grouped together, they will use network assigned VLANs. The VLAN information is stored on the VTP server so that it is centrally located for easy maintenance. By grouping the departments together, the sales departments will all be connected with each other along with the administrative departments connected with each other. This gives the administrator an easier way to manage the data flow and increase security when needed. The network will also implement the Spanning Tree Protocol

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