IT Functions within an Organization

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IT Functions within an Organization The Information technology department is said to be the greatest department of a company until a problem arises and the problem is not fixed right away. “Many of the things the IT departments do go somewhat unnoticed because they are behind the scenes. These could include things like implementing spam filters, security layers, website features, and other behind-the-scenes technologies.” (Colorado State University, 2014) It is important that the culture and structure of the IT departments within a company are set up for success and not failure. IT Functions “IT departments help to create efficiency and help to effectively use money in regard to protecting information and processing data and useable…show more content…
To have a fully integrated IT department is problematic and a company should be working with a matrix structural placement of many departments so that problems like the one above would not happen. IT supports the business function with an organization by using technology to benefit a company so that other departments are able to focus more on more important tasks. “Since it is believed that routine administrative tasks are preventing the HR function from engaging in more value-adding strategic roles, the use of IT to streamline such activities should naturally lead to a stronger strategic positioning of the HR function.” (Haines & Lafleur, 2008) Conclusion “The IT function provides unique, novel, or exclusive systems and services to support the unique nature of the firm's products/services. (Segars & Hendrickson, 2000) In order for an organization to be successful, all entities of the organization should be set up for success and not failure. It is important that not one entity of the organization is in charge of all decisions; the matrix structural placement is the most effective way to have your organization. In order for a company to be successful, the company needs to be able to enhance their technologies to include updated systems. A
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