IT Help Desk Evaluation

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Analyzing The Performance Of IT Help Desks Introduction Our company has standardized on Cisco routers, hubs and switches while at the same time giving employees the option of using their own Apple iPad and iPad2s on the internal networks. The problem is that the Cisco WRT54G Wireless Router in our work area is not connecting with the Apple iPad2 I am using, running a highly secured, Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. This is problem that forms the foundation of this analysis. Starting with the relatively simplistic and intuitively obvious solutions from the Apple Genius bar at the local Apple store to having our IT department rewrite the VPN code to support iOS, the solutions have all been creative and varied in their approach. Studies have shown that crowdsourcing expertise and technical knowledge varies significantly in terms of accuracy, acuity, clarity and value, yet all platforms and communities share the visible common attribute of encouraging shared ownership of problem identification and solution (DeSanctis, Fayard, Roach, Lu, 2003). This was immediately evident from my own experiences, as individual contributors worked hard to both solve problems and attain mastery of a given area. The motivation to attain mastery in a given area, in addition to altruism and thought leadership pervade the creation of content for IT help sites (Li, Wu, 2010). From personal experience it is clear the most experienced and knowledgeable members of these sites are also the most
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