IT/IS Strategy Governance and Legislation

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IT/IS Strategy, Governance, and Legislation Introduction Information technology and the processes and systems that make up an organization's information technology are now essential parts of any business. The combination of business aims and the information and operations that are a part of any comprehensive information technology system make it an integral part of the functioning of any organization, and proper IT governance and strategy is thus a fundamentally important business process or area of concern (Van Grembergen, 2004; Calder & Watkins, 2008). The following pages demonstrate an overview of three important areas in information technology/information systems development: control, overall strategy and governance, and legislative issues and implications. Through these elements, a more comprehensive and detailed understanding of information systems and their importance can be achieved. IT Control Distinguishing IT control from other elements of IT system and governance can be difficult, and indeed IT controls are in reality a part of overall governance, however they represent a very specific part (Calder, 2007). Basically, IT controls are those processes or components of an IT system that ensure it is being used appropriately, that information remains consistent and reliable, and that all aspects of the information technology system remain in compliance with legal and company guidelines (Calder, 2007; ISACA, 2012). As such, these are essential components in wider
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