IT Professionals: The Skills Framework for the Information Age

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The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) has been established in July 2003. It is a system for IT Professionals so that they could use the advancement of the workforce according to the requirements of the business. It can also be defined logical 2-dimensional framework in which on one axis is the areas of work and on the other axis is levels of responsibility. It is considered as an effective resource which provides advantage to business by providing all facilities of the management in corporate and educational departments. This system is used by:
• ICT Users
• Employers
• Educational institutions
• Governments.

Characteristics of SFIA:
• Development of SFIA is not a practical exercise – but it seems to be a project that would
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Recruitment agencies- Hudson IT uses SFIA to help it provide a better service to clients by providing appropriate candidates for jobs.
Professional bodies use SFIA- IEEE/CS, BCS, ACS and CIPS use SFIA.
Awarding and certification bodies use SFIA- ISACA, Open Group, APMG, and CompTIA
Consultancies use SFIA- While providing advice to the clients on the management of their human capital in IT SFIA is used.


SFIA has seven levels of responsibility. Every level is defined or expressed in terms of Autonomy, Complexity, Influence and Business skills.

Autonomy Influence Complexity Business Skills
1 Follow Works under proper supervision. Uses some discretion. Need guidance in expected situations. Interacts with immediate colleagues. Performs routine activities in a structured environment. Requires assistance for unexpected problems. Basic information systems and technology functions, applications, and processes are used. Has an organized approach to work. Learn and apply new skills. Has basic communication skills.
Identify own development opportunities.
2 Assist Works under routine supervision.
Uses minor discretion in problems. Works without referring to others. Interacts with immediate colleagues. Can have external contact with customers and suppliers. Performs a range and variety of work activities in different structured environments. Understands and uses appropriate methods, tools and applications.
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