Essay on IT Risk Management

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This project will conduct a thorough analysis of such information services desired by customers to design a Web-based system to provide such services and implement the proposed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) web-based solution.
• Description of the methodology, new processes, and IT tools and how each of them is used to satisfy the business need. Methodology
• Research and identify competitors, management and technology companies that are facing similar problems.
• Gather and evaluate competitive intelligence tools which include competitor Web sites, products and services, and market research reports for PPI’s business solutions.
• Evaluate current trends and proven models for IT development – Internet, Ecommerce,
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The customization of the tutoring programs will allow PPI to compete with companies such as Sylvan’s or KinderCare Learning Centers. IT Tools
The IT tool evaluated and selected to assist in PPI’s business solution regarding Ecommerce, Internet and globalization is Iventa. The IT tool selected to assist in streamlining and aligning their Supply Chain Management (SCM) situation is QAD Supply Chain Software Solutions. Technical Solution In order to optimize on the proposed solutions for PPI, a vendor company was selected to get the initial software purchased, installed and to provide training the Information Technology department. The company chosen to assist in PPI’s business solution was Iventa. They provide a Dashboard System for a completely integrated software solution that enables the creation, deployment and management of a full featured web site complete with:
• Ecommerce System,
• Membership Software & Subscription Management System,
• Marketing Campaign Management for Branding,
• Web Content Management
• Email Delivery and Tracking,
• Customer Resource Management (CRM) system for automating customer service. PPI will use the QAD Supply Chain Management Software Solution to increase the return on investment by using the same principles that are used in Lean Manufacturing, the goal is to increase quality, speed production, and reduce costs, all while increasing a quality product. This will allow PPI to collaborate with its’ suppliers

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