IT Security: The Men Behind the Scenes

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Everywhere, it seems. Headlines such as “Chinese hackers hacked into Google” or “Internet scammers stole 2 million credit card numbers” appear all over the place. Why do things like this happen? Who are the people who are supposed to protect this confidential information? The truth is that those in IT security are the ones on the forefront of the underground war on hackers and other threats to national security. Overall, IT security is one of the most precise and important jobs of the modern age. What is IT security? According to, IT security is “The protection of information and information systems against unauthorized access or modification of information, whether in storage, processing, or transit, and against…show more content…
Why so much money? If someone with bad intentions has confidential information like bank account access, they could use blackmail/scare tactics to receive more information, or go ahead and steal all the money anyway! Is this not scary? Another consequence is that since hackers are so successful, people are being added to their ranks, creating 50,000+ spam websites to steal information and send out 420,000 spam emails every hour in Britain(Brenner 31). There is so much cybercrime that unless you are a major player, no one can find you, nor will they have the time or manpower(Brenner 33). Another risk of IT security is because of hackers and their malicious nature, massive loss of research and data can be lost. In 2010, Verizon found 900 million sensitive data records missing(Brenner 26). In that time frame, the rate of ways to “steal” foreign data, showed cybercrime to be the most popular way to steal confidential data. If this seems scarier, in 2008, a hacker stole 8 million credit card numbers from Western International, causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damages! If someone is at all interested in being in this field, and protecting people and their investments and information, there are some basic things you need to know. Actually, you do not need a college degree in “IT Security” (Schloesser 3). It would be an excellent idea if you got a degree in something computer related to show potential
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