IT Strategic Plan

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Bear Beverages has a great opportunity. We are young, small and developing a powerful brand with today’s youth. By capitalizing on our strengths we can turn Bear Beverages into the most successful brand in our industry. This success depends on efficiency, agility, and reaching our youthful, tech-enabled customer. Technology will make this happen.
Bear Beverages IT Assessment
Bear Beverages depends on its business processes to function, all businesses do. Our business processes are riddled with segmentation, slow manual actions, confusion, duplication, old technology and failing hardware. The majority of these problems come from the IT systems we have relied on for years and their inability to provide us with the tools our industry
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Bear Beverages will focus on the following key areas to modernize and streamline our IT infrastructure:
• Modern data centers and hardware that focus on energy efficiency, high availability, security and scalability to provide a physical infrastructure for our new IT vision to grow
• Implementing an Enterprise System that will provide a single repository for all corporate data and provide the capability to simplify processes, report in real-time, and communicate effectively; focusing heavily on the following components o Supply Chain Management (SCM) o Customer Relationship Management (CRM) o A communications focused Intranet and Extranet
• A mobile enabled workforce to ensure our critical business systems are accessible from anywhere at any time, securely
The Competition
Competition in our industry is fierce. Beyond the science and technology of creating a great product there are two important areas where IT can create competitive advantages at the heart of our business: Logistics and Marketing. This is not to say that other areas won’t benefit from IT focused initiatives, but this is where our competitors are focusing efforts and where the battle is being fought.
The logistics of delivering beverages to retailers world-wide is not an easy task and takes a tremendous amount of organization and efficiency. Accurate and timely communication from the top to the bottom of the supply chain is paramount in our industry.
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