IT Strategy for New Supermarket in Huddersfield, UK

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IT Strategy for a New Supermarket in Huddersfield in the UK Introduction Today's market is consistently changing and evolving, almost at the speed of light. In order for any business to succeed, it is crucial to include some sort of new, innovative IT strategies within the operating and marketing capacities, whether that business is a small single location or a massive chain of retail stores across a vast area. Opening up a single grocery location now depends more on just the strategy to direct operations. It includes a wide variety of IT strategies meant to brand, market, and capitalize on the locations best attributes. All grocery markets, big and small, must have an online presence, utilizing new innovations like social media and search engine optimization (SEO) in order to best capture a new market of ever-evolving consumers and compete to stay relevant in an industry dominated by major chains. IT in Grocery Industry The use of IT strategies within the modern grocery market has been a long process in the making. Before the age of the internet, most IT strategies utilized by grocery markets encapsulated purely inventory, sales, or distribution applications. Software was generated throughout the years in order to make the purchase of goods easier on the front end and the inventory and ordering of goods easier on the back end (Tetron Sands, 2012). Yet, newer IT solutions now focus on the use of IT within a marketing and advertising context much more than previous

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