IT in the New Future

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1.1 Introduction

A revolution is taking place. Information Technology has quickly emerged as a significant field all over the world. Computers are extremely versatile and finding their way into every business, industry and research activity today. The uses of computers are diverse and encompass entertainment, education, communication, problem solving, research, decision-making and everything. The whole lot will be merged to IT in the near future. The wired world of business, where technology, human talent, and a new way of doing business make up to day’s growing worldwide economy. The backbone of this electronic commerce is the internet. While it’s rapidly spreading there are also rapid changes in every instance of time as addition of new sophisticated technologies and new standards etc.

Though communication technology is currently undergoing a massive revolution, these advances and the accompanying benefits have not yet filtered down to those in developing nations with antiquated and outdated technology. This project attempts to address this need by developing a system that harnesses the power of the Internet, which is the most economical and yet most widely available and accessible global network in existence.

1.1.1 Topic Overview
The Bank of Ceylon is one of the best business organizations in Sri Lanka. The Bank is functioning as a multi body with branches all over the country. It has overseas branches which have located Chennai, United Kingdom and Male as well as it
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