ITM 580 Core Comp Essay

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Core Competencies and the Planning and Implementing of Information Technology

With any organization, rather it be civilian or military focused, there is a common element that resides; organizational competencies. These competencies is what makes any organization unique and identifies how they do the things they do, how relationships with institution division and external entities are developed and handled. With Information technology shifting from an administrative support tool to a strategic role within the organization, the question, or debate, is whether or not the planning and implementation of information technology, based on strategic goals, essentially share the same organizational competencies. This article will
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I would agree in part, but not wholly. In fact, I agree that Information Technology will be implemented into the organization in such a way that promotes and ensures organizational success of its strategic goals, but I would have to disagree on the order between organizational strategic goals and organizational competencies.
With traditional organizational planning, most organizations have each part (department) determine specific programs and projects to support the organizations strategic goals. This is also known as a mix of “bottom up” and “top down” planning. The organization creates strategic goals, disseminates it across the organizations departments and has each department design or implement projects and programs to achieve or support the organization with achieving those goals.
Instead, if we shifted the level importance from organizational strategic goals to the effective implementation and recognition of organizational competencies, then it is more likely that the organization as a whole will be better aligned across all parts (departments) and each part will more likely identify the appropriate strategic goals. In a report by Cullen Coates and Associates in 2008, Managing Organizational Competencies, they define this as ‘the process of determining how each part of the organization can contribute to each competency will cause all parts of

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