IUPUI Personal Statement

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At the age of two, my mother left my two-month-old sister and me in the care of my 72-year-old Grandmother before she came to the United State in pursuit of a better life for herself and her family. My grandmother saw this opportunity as a great reward; the only thing that hindered her was her severe arthritis. Throughout the eight years ,which I spent with my grandmother, I witnessed her rise up early at dawn screaming over pains in her legs, she has fallen numerous times and had to be taken to the emergency room, and have gone from doctor to doctor in search of a cure. For this reason, I have chosen is to become a Physician. The ordinary man has within them, the desire to do good,and I despise seeing decent people, who work as hard as everyone else but does not get to experience life because of a disease. IUPUI is a prominent institution for premedical studies. One of its many perks is it has a medical school connected to it. This is an excellent advantage for anyone seeking a career in medicine or a health-related profession. Apart from grades and MCAT scores, medical schools look at extracurricular activities to determine a person's competitiveness, and I believe IUPUI is a fabulous institution…show more content…
During my junior year, my grandmother, who raised me, passed. This news devastated me to the core because she had just gotten orthopedic surgery and was doing a lot better. I fell into a major depression. I bothered very little about my environment, even my academics. This caused me to miss major assignments in my advanced placement classes, bringing my cumulative GPA to a 2.75. It wasn’t until my senior year when I ultimately realized how childish I was being. I learned my future does depend on any person. Even though my was very instrumental in my life, she is gone now, and I must make something better of myself so I could live a comfortable life and make her
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