IVF Embryos Should Be Donated For Research Essay

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1. I believe that destroying leftover IVF embryos for any reason without the parents’ consent should not be allowed. If the parents consent to it, I think that it is ok for leftover IVF embryos to be used for medical research that may involve destroying them as long as it is done professionally and ethically. IVFs embryos should be left in storage for as long as the responsible parties pay for them. The places storing them should not be paying for the storage. If the storage is no longer being paid for, after warnings and consent, the embryos should be donated. First, it should be attempted to donate them to other families. If that is not successful, then they should be donated for medical research. Destroying them should be the last option. ESCs should come from IVF embryos donated for research. I think that federal funds should be able to support research on ESCs if it is possible and wanted. New ESC lines should only be established if they are necessary. If the 19 available ESC lines are enough to do research, then new ones should not be created. 2. A person’s genetic data should be their property. I think that the person and whoever they wish to share it wish should have access to a person’s genetic information. Some people may not…show more content…
I think that information about the mutations in the genes of H5N1 that allowed the virus to pass between ferrets should be made available to scientists so that they can study these mutations and work towards preventing another potential outbreak. I am wary about whether or not the mutations and genes should be publicized to everyone because this information could be used by biological terrorists in an attempt to start another outbreak of H5N1. If this is possible, then I lean towards the information not being published. I also do not think that the paper should be published with redacted data. I believe that this lowers the value of the paper, and someone could just try to replicate the paper to figure out the data
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