Iaas Availability Management : Iaas Providers Availability Considerations

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IaaS Availability Management: IaaS Providers Availability Considerations include computing and building Storage Infrastructure. Other services such as account management, a message queue service, an identity and authentication service, a database service, a billing service, and monitoring services. Customer Responsibility for the IaaS are to provision and manage the life cycle of virtual servers. To manage the IaaS virtual infrastructure includes Availability of CSP network available, host, storage, and support application infrastructure. Cloud service provider’s data center architecture, including a geographically diverse and fault-tolerance architecture should be efficient. With these being present infrastructure also must be reliable,…show more content…
– Internal or third-party-based service monitoring tools (e.g., Nagios) – Web console or API that publishes the current health status of your virtual servers and network. Access Control : Access requirements must be aware to the client users and system administrators (privileged users) who access network, system, and application resources. The functionalities of access control management include defining who should have access to what resources (Assignment of entitlements to users, and also to audit and report to verify entitlement assignments), why should the users have access to the resource they hold (Assignment of entitlements based on the user’s job functions and responsibilities), how can the user access the resources which will state the authentication methods and strength check before granting access to the resources. In a cloud computing model, network based access control plays a diminishing role. User access control should be strongly emphasized in the cloud, since it can strongly bind a user’s identity to the resources in the cloud and will help with fine granular access control, user accounting, support for compliance, and data protection. User access management controls, including strong authentication, single sign-on (SSO), privilege management, and logging and monitoring of cloud resources, play a significant role in protecting the confidentiality and integrity of your information in the cloud. ISO/IEC 27002 has

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