Iago as an Evil Manipulator in William Shakespeare's Othello Essay

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Iago as an Evil Manipulator in William Shakespeare's Othello

The statement 'Iago is an evil manipulator in my opinion is true. I see Iago as psychologically astute, deceiving and a misanthrope. His sadistic character hurts everyone in a web of deceit. Iago is Shakespeare's most plausible and intriguing villains.

The main themes in this play are appearance and reality, love, hate and jealousy.

I intend to focus on Iago and see how his character changes and how his plan unfolds in scenes Act 1 scene 3, act 2 scene 3 and act 3 scenes 3 and 4.

At the end of Act 1 scene 3, we are aware of Iago's jealousy of Othello and he reveals his scheme to destroy him as his envious ways lead him to
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When Othello finds out about this fight he dismisses Cassio from office. Iago later on suggests that Cassio should approach Desdemona about his reinstatement. Her good nature and her influence over Othello will restore Cassio to office. Iago is manipulating Cassio without him knowing, it seems as though he is actually helping but Iago's 'help' is working in his own favour.

The quotes 'I protest, in the sincerity of love and honest kindness' (Iago line 297) and 'Good night, honest Iago.' (Cassio line 303) shows dramatic irony.

The soliloquy at the end of this scene creates atmosphere. It allows us to see into Iago's mind and we see just how evil he really is as he spells out his plans to lie to Othello about Desdemona and Cassio. He knows that Desdemona pleading to Othello about reinstating Cassio is going to make this lie more believable.

Act 3 Scene 3 is a key scene of this play; it is the 'temptation scene'. We see Othello's character develop to a monster full of passionate jealousy and hatred towards his wife Desdemona as Iago plants the seeds of doubt.

The scene starts with Michael Cassio talking to Desdemona because Othello dismisses him as his lieutenant and he fears that there is no chance he will get his job back.

When Othello walks in and sees his wife talking to Cassio, Iago says:

'Ha! I like not that.'(Line
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