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Compare the ways the writers present the disconcerting behaviour in both texts so far.
Firstly, in Tennessee Williams’ “A Streetcar Named Desire”, the writer presents disconcerting behaviour throughout the text. Tennessee Williams uses Stanley to display different types of disturbing behaviour, and the events that occur due to his attitude. Stanley is presented having a masculine, animalistic nature, which includes his open violent behaviour. His animalistic nature is displayed when he ‘charges after Stella’, in scene three of the play, and when there is the ‘sound of a blow’ in the household, indicating that Stanley had physically hurt Stella so much causing her to cry. Critic, Michael Coveney explains that in the
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In comparison, this is a very interesting way for a 16 year old to behave and the animalistic nature has obviously been used for a different cause to "A Streetcar Named Desire" as Stanleys behaviour is still quite common among his friends and isn't so much of a strange way to behave compared to Franks behaviour. Critic, 'Papa Puppet' explains his opinion is that 'Frank rips your fears from the base of your brain and move them, puppetlike, eerily masterful withal, into your worst nightmares.', showing that Frank is not in his right mind his behaviour is sincerely disconcerting.
Another character in the play, "A Streetcar Named Desire" that is used to present disturbing behaviour is Blanche. The writer uses her to present disconcerting behaviour due to her susceptible alcohol problem. Blanche is presented by the writer to the audience to be a quite unstable character, that comes across to be strangley covert. At the early stage of her visit to her sister Stella, Blanche 'rushes to the closet and removes the bottle', Tennessee Williams then begins to show her unstableness when she starts 'shaking all over and panting for breath.' This clearly reveals that Blanche has an unconventional reliance on alcohol in order to calm her 'nerves'. Blanche obviously doesn't feel comfortable for some reason without drinking some sort of alcohol and its
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