Ian Mcewan 's The Story Of A Teenager

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Atonement is a novel written by a well-known writer, Ian McEwan. The novel tells the story of a teenager, Briony Tallis, the author of this book and the story is told through her eyes, she misinterprets what is happening and a series of misunderstandings take place which result in dire consequence for the whole family. Ian McEwan was born in Aldershot, England on June 21st 1948 (“Ian McEwan Biography, British Council Literature”), his father was a Scotsman and a sergeant major in the British Army so Ian spent most of his time on the road, moving to different places wherever his father’s post took him, their longest posting was in Libya where they stayed at a farm (“The New Yorker/the-background-hum”). As he was growing up; he had witnessed alcohol and spousal abuse commenced by his father and later on his mother, Rose suffers from an illness. Separated from his parents at the age of 12; he was sent off to London to receive education (“Biography of Ian McEwan/ GradeSaver”). He attended the University of Sussex from 1966-1970, and received an MA from the University of Anglia; his career as a writer began when he won the Somerghaust Maugham Award for his first collection of short stories in 1976. Ian McEwan is best known for his novel Atonement, which won the WH Smith Literary Kamal 2 Award and three other awards afterwards. Most of his work is usually based on wars and misrepresented philosophies on religion; his stories and novels are generally self referential; he did not

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