Ian 's ' Shattered '

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Ian, a teenage caucasian boy is the one of the main characters in the novel “Shattered”. Ian has a lanky body type which in others words means he is very tall and skinny. Ian’s family consists of him an only child his two hardworking busy parents and his caring nanny Berta. Ian comes off as shy and vulnerable to many people in the story possibly because of his shyness and physical stature. Ian has many habits he has and obtains during the period of the book. One of his main habits is helping out at the soup kitchen to gain his 40 hours needed for his high school civics class. Ian also gains a habit of learning more about the Rwandan genocide later into the book. Ian can also is very determined at sometimes in the book, that shows when Ian is so determined and inclined research Rwanda that he researches to the point that he gets scared to read more about it. Ian also is very trendy in the book, which is shown when Ian was approached by 3 young males in park at night attempting to steal his shoes which I would believe to be expensive and stylish. Ian has one big challenge in the book which is also related to one of his hopes, the one large hope Ian has is for Sarge to get better and get off the streets but the challenge he faces is sarge in denying that he will go to it or that he even needs it. Another hope Ian has near the end of the book is that his nanny Berta will stay in guatemala to help the street children there. Besides both those fears Ian pushes through and succeeds…
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