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‘Critically discuss the Basic Skills Component Domains within the Children and Young People’s IAPT Project and the challenges in applying them in your service.’ 1. Introduction This paper will focus on Evidence-Based Psychological Treatment for Children and Young People and aim to critically discuss the Basic Skills Component Domains within this area. It will look at the challenges of applying them to the authors work setting of Tier 3 Children and Adolescent Mental health service (CAMHS). This paper has been divided into four parts. The first section defines and gives a brief explanation of the Basic Skills Component Domains of working with Children and young people including- Core competences for working with children and young…show more content…
Clients and Therapists work together to form a therapeutic relationship and to identify the relation between thoughts and feelings on their behaviour. This includes the identification of Core Beliefs, Dysfunctional Assumptions and Negative Automatic Thoughts. This initial assessment can sometimes be difficult with children as may have been told to come along to therapy by a parent/ carer and may not be ready or motivated to engage in therapy (Stallard, 2005). All aspects of CBT are made with the support of Guided Discovery and Socratic Questioning which help the young person widen their perspective from their current focus, for example, ‘How do you know this to be fact’ or ‘How did you come up with these assumptions?’ The beginning of each CBT session begins with an agenda being negotiated and set. This may include a review of the past week, mood check, review of homework, main topics for discussion in the current session, homework for the next week and feedback on the session. It would be adjusted to suit the needs of the patient (Reneeke, Dattillio and Freeman, 2006). A Formulation can then be made to help the young person make sense of their problems and can be reviewed and modified when needed. This can be shared with the young person and their carers if agreed so they can begin to socialise others to the CBT model and formulation. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely (SMART) goals are then made to work
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