Ib Business Management 2013 Ia Guildline Booklet

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IB Business & Management 2013 Internal Assessment Standard Level Guidelines booklet Mark Lewis Jan 2013 Page 1 of 77 IB Business & Management Internal Assessment Guidelines Standard Level – 2013 Index Page • Templates • IB Commentary on report structure • IB SL IA criteria and mark bands from syllabus • IB general commentary on SL IA from syllabus • Sample IA’s with marks (IB sourced) • General guide comments (IB Sourced) • Recent IA questions at Carey • General guide comments (IB Sourced) • Subject reports summary 3 11 13 20 23 73 74 75 77 Business & Management Internal Assessment – Standard Level Issue Choose an issue or problem for investigation Determine title in the form of a question Teacher to approve question before…show more content…
Page 8 of 77 IB Business and Management Internal Assessment 2009 Standard Level Name Criteria Details Out of Mark A Supporting documents 4 B Choice and application of business tools techniques and theory 6 C Use, analysis and synthesis of data 6 D Conclusions 3 E Evaluation and critical thinking 3 Page 9 of 77 F Presentation 3 Page 10 of 77 Business and management teacher support material Business and management teacher support material General guidance Assessed student work Appendices SL written commentary Written commentary—details Title The title question must be clear and focused, allowing the student to answer it by carrying out a limited amount of research, supported by chosen documents. If sufficient sources are not available for the research to be carried out, the question should be replaced. The following are examples of suitable questions. Is including a line for male customers a profitable decision for company X? Is an increase in wages an effective way to increase productivity and motivation in company Y? Is company Z’s decision to increase productive capacity by building a new plant a sound financial decision? Introduction A brief and focused introduction should explain the purpose of the commentary and the methodology used to investigate the problem or issue. Business tools, techniques and theory should be included to present the commentary in appropriate business format and to support the analysis

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