Ib Economics Notes Grade 11

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Price elasticity of demand (PED)
Law of demand tells us that P goes up Q goes down or P goes down and Q goes up.
But it doesn’t give us any information about by how much Q changes compared to P.
We want to know, using the PED, whether Q is changing by a lot compared to P, by a little bit compared to P or by the same rate as P.
If %∆P<%∆Q, this good is called relatively elastic.
If %∆P>%∆Q, this good is called relatively inelastic.
If %∆P=%∆Q, this good is called unit elastic.
Determinants of the PED
->Things that tell us what the PED is originally.
1) availability of substitutes –the more substitutes a good has, the easier it is for consumers to switch products if the price changes
EX: if one brand of T-shirt is more
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Provide evidence of how the events in the article affect the various people and groups involved in both short term and long term you are trying to show you can see current events from an economist’s viewpoint. The commentaries must be 650~750words each PLUS the following (which do not count in the word limit) * Acknowledgments (optional) * Contents page (optional) * Diagrams (absolutely required) * Labels an diagrams (required) * Titles for the diagrams (required) * Tables of statistical data (required if applicable) * Equations, formulas and calculations (required if applicable) 6 criteria for a total of 17 marks for each commentary criterion F(EASY do not screw up or be astamed) * Each commentary has 750 words or less * Each article covers a unique section of the textbook (micro/macro/inter/development) 。。。。。。 Criterion B – 2 marks Terminology relevant to the article is used appropriately throughout the commentary Criterion C – 2 marks Relevant economic concepts and/or theories are applied to the article appropriately throughout the commentary. Criterion D – 3 marks There is effective economic analysis relating to the article. Criterion E – 4 marks Judgments are made that are supported by effective, logical and

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