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“How effective would the takeover of Motorola mobility be for Google as a growth strategy?”

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In August of 2011, Google announced that it would take over Motorola mobility in an
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However over the years Google has managed to grow into one of the largest public limited companies as they now have various products apart from the search engine. Google has its own web browser known as Google Chrome, it had acquired YouTube in the year 2006 and it has many other services in its portfolio. However there is one recent development that Google has produced which has taken the world by surprise i.e. ANDROID. This is Google’s own operating system for mobile phones.
After having briefly introduced the relevant companies, I shall now talk about the merger. The world is increasingly becoming dependent upon quick communication for almost all issues related to life. This is true for the business world as well. The emergence of smartphones has almost sufficiently satisfied the people’s needs mentioned above. One of the very successful operating systems for these smartphones is the android and the breaking news of Google taking over Motorola has caused great speculation that the entire technological universe of communication could be dominated by Google. However there are some eye brows raised questioning whether the takeover was worth 12.5 billion USD5 given that the situation of Motorola mobility is not too favourable. These different opinions are what led me to carry out a research on “how effective would the takeover of Motorola mobility be for Google?”
The main objective of this
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