Ib Internal Assessment - the Causes of the Opium War

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A: Plan of Investigation What are the causes of the Opium War which occurred in 1839-1842? When the Chinese decided to ban the opium trade, wars broke out due to conflicts between China and Britain. The aim of this investigation is to analyze the causes of the first Opium War, as it will cover the circumstances of China through that period, and the condition of China with Britain during the war. The analysis will specify what triggered the Opium War and briefly on the impact behind this important historical event. The research will cover basic and essential points of the War, using various resources and documentations that are creditable, as well as historical documentations written by Chinese officials during the war. Primary…show more content…
If the British could not honor these terms, they were ordered to leave Chinese waters and never return. Lin did not know that even British civilian merchant ships were armed with cannon that were far more accurate and deadlier than any of the guns of the Chinese fleet . Feeling confident that the Chinese coast-guard could prevail in the event of trouble, Lin concluded “People say that our junks and guns are no match for the British.... But they do not know!” C: Evaluation of the sources Two of sources that I used were: Brian Inglis, ed. 1975. The Forbidden Game, Charles Scribner's Sons, New York The Forbidden Game is a book that describes the social history of drugs. It explains from The Impact of Drugs on Civilisation to the opium war. The author Brian Inglis was best known to people in Britain as the presenter of All Our Yesterdays, a television review of events exactly 25 years previously, as seen in newsreels, newspaper articles etc. It’s fairly reliable since he was one of the best journalists in Britain. Although most of the book is about different kind of drugs that influenced the society; Chapter 6, is completely based on the opium war. The book explains in great detail for the reasons and the history behind the first opium war, it also described whether opium is a bane or a benefit. The advantage of this book is that it thoroughly described the incidents long before the opium war.

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