Ib Paper 2 Section C Essay 1 ( Mc Donalds and Kfc

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Paper 2 section C essay 1 Question: “with reference to one or two organization that you have studied. Discuss how marketing strategies may differ in two cultures you are familiar with” Marketing strategies are the ways in which a business offers the consumers a product, and also offers a way for the consumer to find out more about where to purchase the product and at what price. Marketing strategies include the 4 Ps: product, price, place and promotion and are used to increase sales revenue, profit and also customer awareness. Marketing strategies may differ between two different cultures, as the business has to appeal to two different consumer markets. For example Mc Donald’s in a country such as America would have the different…show more content…
They also have a wider range of product since in the United States a huge proportion of the population eat beef or pork which attracts more customers. The price of Mc Donald product would also be influenced by cultures in the differing countries. The United States is considered a MEDC that is relatively economically stable, compared to parts of India which may still be seen as developing. Due to the United States’ high quality of life, many people eat at restaurants/ fast foods as it has become a lifestyle for them. Mc Donald’s burger is seen as something very common in the United States as many people that work go there for lunch. This allows them to set relatively high prices as they have a high demand for their product. India on the other has many other competitors such as KFC, Subway, and Baskin-Robbin etc. Therefore there is a lower demand for their products in India. So for them to be able to compete with the competitors they will have to sell products at a slightly lower or similar price to their competitors to increase sales. The place and promotion of Mc Donald is also affected by the contrasting cultures of the two countries. Since in America Mc Donald is already a really well established franchise they will be needing less promotion such as advertising which will in turn reduce cost and increase profit margin. In India Mc Donald could use advertising to appeal to more customers, but the cost of

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