Ibis Hotels Business Report Essay

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IBIS – Hotel Report

Ibis, the popular economy hotel chain, opened its first hotel in 1974, in the French town of Bordeaux. Since then, the company has expanded globally, reaching 40 countries worldwide, opening over 800 hotels. The majority of chains have been established in France, while the UK hosts over 50 chains, with further four hotel openings expected in December 2009. Recently, the chain has introduced a strategy to “promote the chain’s drive for ‘greater and greener customer comfort’”. (Mintel 2009)
The Company
The chain is owned by the French firm ‘Accor’, a global corporation operating in the travel and tourism industry. Accor leads a number of brands, with Ibis falling under its ‘Accor Hospitality’ sector. As a two star
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Their market position also suggests that Ibis caters for those with a “mid-budget” (Mintel 2009), and those looking for extra services such as internet connection and food catering.
Secondary research shows us that Ibis has a fairly respectable reputation in the UK, serving as a low profile hotel chain. A study found that over 60% of customers thought their experience was either excellent or good, with around 6-8% finding their experience either poor or unsatisfactory (Mintel 2009). Moreover, further research shows that Ibis shares a similar correlation to the ‘average’ budget hotel, scoring slightly under-par with regards to friendliness. The hotel suffers from a lack of stand-out feature, as the ‘Mintel Budget Hotels - UK - August 2009’ report points out, “Ibis ... has no particular brand identity of its own” (Mintel 2009).
Another interesting consumer attitude is the general opinion towards Ibis’s environmental stance. A July 2009 survey discovered that only a small percentage (around 5%) thought Ibis cares for the environment, however, as previously mentioned, Ibis launched a new initiative in January 2009, driving towards “greater and greener customer comfort” (Mintel 2009), on top of this, Ibis’s impressive website dedicates a large area to its
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