Ibis Is Commitment For Service Quality

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Ibis focus on service which in the primary activities of Value Chain(1985) to maintain competitive advantage. In the service part, Ibis set the special “15 minutes satisfaction guarantee” to make the special competitive advantages for customers(Ibis,2015). The most concrete manifestation of Ibis is commitment to service quality. The service team of Ibis committed to provide solutions of all kinds of problems within 15 minutes and this service available in 24 hours and 7 days (Accor Hotel Group, 2015). Ibis hopes “15 minutes satisfaction guarantee” service strategy can deal with problems in short time that build the competitive advantage to against competitors like Days Inn ans Holiday Inn. In addition, Ibis made a series of standards about service to ensure the quality of service that it can enlarge the market position. Ibis set the staff behaviour standard to keep its high quality of service (Ibis,2016). In Ibis, employees need to elegant demeanor, neat and clean dressing and they must look tidy (Sanderson Associates Ltd, 2011). Staffs should devote to their dutie and cannot do something detrimentally for Ibis. Ibis hopes all the staffs have good educational accomplishment and striving to earnestly serve guests. Ibis pays attention in service development of Value Chain(1985) which can make benefits for optimization and make competitive advantages to keep the market position. 2.42 Support activities of Ibis In support activities of Value Chain(1985), Ibis pays attention

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