Ibm : A Major Innovator Of Computer And Computer Related Products

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Brandon Krueger 10/16/14 IT IBM has been a major innovator of computer and computer related products during this century and the last. Before IBM it was C-T-R. Herman Hollerith founded this Tabulating Machine Company in 1896. Hollerith received the first patents for his electric Tabulating Machine in 1889. In 1911 a man by the name of Charles F. Flint, a trust organizer, oversaw the merging of Herman Hollerith’s Tabulating Machine company and two other companies the Company scale Company of America and the International Time recording Company. The three companies merged into one company called Computing-Tabulating-Recording company or C-T-R. C-T-R sold many different products from cheese slicers to manufacturing and marketing accounting…show more content…
In 1964 IBM developed system 360 a family of computers. This was the world first family of computers with software and hardware. IBM’s researcher Robert H. Dennard invented DRAM memory in 1966. DRAM was a new kind of memory chip for computers that helped get the ball rolling for the computer industry. This memory chip was the core of the computer industry and still effects today’s computer business. In 1980 IBM representatives met for the first time with Microsoft’s Bill Gates to talk about writing the operating system for the new computer that IBM was coming out with. This new personal computer was all hush-hush. IBM had already made a dent in the personal computer market with the IBM 1500, which was pretty successful. This new personal computer had an all-new operating system that was at the time top of the line. During my research I have realized that IBM has made a great global footprint in the technology industry. There are so many different things that I could tell you about the early success of IBM I couldn’t even write about all of it. IBM is a fascinating company that has over 100 years of history and there success is unheard of. Competing companies really have no chance because of the level of innovation and research that goes into their technology. Currently IBM’s chairman, president and chief executive officer is Virginia “Ginni” Rometty. Mrs. Rometty has a bachelors of Science degree with high honors in

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