Ibm : A Major Innovator Of Computer And Computer Related Products

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Brandon Krueger

IBM has been a major innovator of computer and computer related products during this century and the last. Before IBM it was C-T-R. Herman Hollerith founded this Tabulating Machine Company in 1896. Hollerith received the first patents for his electric Tabulating Machine in 1889. In 1911 a man by the name of Charles F. Flint, a trust organizer, oversaw the merging of Herman Hollerith’s Tabulating Machine company and two other companies the Company scale Company of America and the International Time recording Company. The three companies merged into one company called Computing-Tabulating-Recording company or C-T-R. C-T-R sold many different products from cheese slicers to manufacturing and marketing accounting machines, Time records, dial records, tabulators, and automatic scales. In 1914 the former executive at the National Cash Register Company Thomas J. Watson Senior became the manager of C-T-R. According to IBM’s historians Watson implemented a series of business tactics. He preached a positive outlook, and his favorite slogan “THINK” became the saying among the employees of C-T-R. In Watson’s first 11 months at C-T-R he became it’s president. The company focused on making large-scale, custom-built tabulating solutions for businesses, leaving the market for small office products to other upcoming companies. During Watson’s first four years as president revenues had doubled to $9 million. Watson had also had expanded the company to…
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