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MKTG 3495
California State University East Bay
Hayward, CA 94542

March 12, 2009

Dr. Sweety Law
California State University East Bay
Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Hayward, CA 94542

SUBJECT: Business Report on the IBM Corporation

Dear Dr. Law,

Enclosed is our business research report about IBM Corporation. This report was written as a group project for the class Marketing 3495. In this report, reader may find some of the information about IBM interesting such as: how the company started? What is IBM marketing strategy? Etc. Through this research, we’ve learned a great deal about IBM Corporation. We are all inclined towards looking at future job opportunities offered by IBM.

Thank you for your help with
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One year later, Dr. Hollerith won a contest held by the U.S. Census Bureau with his tabulating machine that eventually saved the government agency $5 million and years of work. He then organized his company in 1896, and finally incorporated the Tabulating Company in 1905.

The third installment of the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company’s predecessor is the recording industry. Many different companies invented their own type of recording device. Dr. Alexander Dey of Dey Patents Co. (later Dey Time Register Company) invented the first dial recorder in 1888. Willard Bundy invented the first time clock that could record the arrival and departure of employees. Harlow Bundy incorporated the Bundy Manufacturing Company with his brother Willard’s time clock as its main product. Bundy then acquired the Standard Time Stamp Company, which produced time stamps and card recorders, and soon after came up with the key punch as their job time recorder. The Chicago Time Register Company created the first autograph time recorder, and manufactured key, card, and autograph employee time recorders. J. Willard and F. Frick formed the first time card recording company. In 1900, the International Time Recording Company is formed by George Fairchild to be the selling agent for the recording industry. Their suppliers included Dey Time Register Company, Bundy Manufacturing Company, Standard Time Stamp Company, and
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