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IBM Canada LTD Implementing Global Strategy 1) How has IBM's IT strategy evolved over time, and what are some of the implications for IBM Canada? IBM has been a global innovator of computer related hardware for over 100 years. IBM’s success has come from executing a well-thought computer structure into a multinational computer technology firm. Its corporate structure has expanded into 200 countries with emphasis on developing a business strategy suited to that particular country’s needs. IBM has utilized its computer innovation model to expand its operations throughout the globe. By expanding into territories outside the United States, IBM has increase corporate net profits to $12.3 billion in 2008. IBM realized…show more content…
Silvanovich had to go through several issues related to the Siebel CRM transition. First, Silvanovich had to decide whether or not to delay the implementation due to a prior project already in the works. Was it worthwhile to delay in order to get the entire team on the CRM transition or proceed as already planned? The biggest issue was cost and potential additional costs. Second, most of the staff were already trained in the new CRM application and were ready to go. Costs would be incurred with any delay going forward. Since Silvanovich already had downsized the number of applications in half, the software that was currently in place, most of the staff was already using the software. The CRM application was one of the applications already in use. 4) Provide an assessment of the Application Review Board's (ARB) fund-allocation process. Would you recommend any changes and, if so, what are they? The Application Review Board (ARB) fund allocation process was an expensive endeavor. The expense related to new applications was budgeted at $20million annually. The individual cost per application was budgeted from $1000 to $500,000. So, the ARB took into consideration each application on the merits based on innovation and need. The business cases brought by managers should have a more lengthy review process that will look at not only the financial analysis but merits of the

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